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Then I lost it all
Dead and broken.
My back’s against the wall.
Cut me open.
I’m just trying to breathe,
Just trying to figure it out
Because I built these walls to watch them crumbling down.
I said, “Then I lost it all.”
And who can save me now?

- Lost it all BVB

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I dont know

im so mad at the world right now. I feel so alone like I have nobody to talk to. not even my boyfriend all he focuses on is work and fighting. he says hes always here for me but he doesn’t show it. he acts selfish sometimes without even knowing it. this has been an incredibly hard year for me and my family. first my grandpa dies after fighting cancer for a year…I miss him so much that it sickens me. just a year ago he was fine. then my cousins dogs die (I grew up with them), And to top that my dad is losing his job after working with this company for 20 years. I still help my boyfriend out and give him my paycheck just so hes financially stable. all I do is give give give! when is it my turn to just relax and feel happy again?

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I cant do or say anything right.

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im so fucking overwhelmed. nobody ever gives me a break. this has been such a hard year for me. I lose my grandpa my cousins dog had to be put down and someone who im always there for fucking leaves me. why me?

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This man in the picture is my grandpa This is when I was first born march 8th 1996. He recently passed away on April 30th 2014. He was fighting pancreatic cancer for a year and he just couldn’t bare it anymore. He lived in my home for 3 months and had 24 hour aides to help him. I feel like I could of appreciated him more than I did. He is a true fighter and knowing what he did to support his family is extremely inspiring to me. I love him so much and he will always be in my heart forever and always. I miss you grandpa. Friday is my high school graduation and I am going to make him proud of me and I know he will be by my side for the rest of my life. <3
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im depressed.

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